Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yaro Places Productions and Lends Voice to Radio Commercials


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Yaro Places Productions and Lends Voice to Radio Commercials
on W 690 AM, Los Angeles

Los Angeles/February 9, 2010 – Known best for a musical catalogue that spans
popular, urban, world and R&B, Yaro places productions and lends his voice to various
commercials on W 690 AM in Los Angeles.
Yaro’s musical productions can be heard in radio spots for The Midnight Music Show,
Soccer Games Commercials, Radio Jingles, and Success and Motivation Seminar
“Many of my productions have an up-tempo vibe and fuse traditional Spanish genres
with modern music they work well on radio, especially in Spanish-language promotional
spots,” says Yaro.
Yaro has also recorded voiceovers for many W 690 AM commercials, including
Adriana's Insurance, Loan Modifications Law offices, Alpha Labs, Hispanos Uniods, The
Law Firm of Sydney B. Connor, The Law Firm of Guillermo Calixtro, Cadena de
Mudanzas, and many other commercials for LA Mixers & Motivation Seminars.
“I’ve never imagined myself a ‘vocal talent’ but I guess that’s exactly what I’m doing and
I’m enjoying it,” shares Yaro.
Yaro has produced for artists such as Billboard Top Ten group T-Weaponz, DUB and
Machete/Universal Music artist Ese Daz, La Bruja, Alvare, Tragedy Khadafy, Inti, YG, and
Nardo Ranks. The son of Nhorma Ortiz, a Musicologist and founder/producer of the
Internationally reno wned Festival del Tambor y Africania, Yaro was raised in the Afro
Colombian culture on the Pacific Coast of Colombia. He has studied music theory,
Marimba, Conga, Flute and Guitar, and enjoys a professional career that straddles New
York City and Los Angeles.
Learn more about Yaro at and listen to select productions at

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