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Yaro is a music producer whose catalogue spans popular, urban, world and R&B and whose talent for injecting African drum and Afro Latin chants gives modern music a worldly texture and depth beyond a single genre. Yaro is not yet another studio-bread producer; his background and education give him a well-rounded understanding of music, instrumentation and production and sets him apart from the rest.

Working in both Los Angeles and New York, Yaro spends his days operating the boards at AM Radio 690 and his evenings in the studio. He’s recently produced for Axxent Music, DUB and Machete/Universal Music artist Ese Daz.

He learned the art of mixing and mastering while working at Dy-Nas-D Studios in the Washington Heights neighborhood of New York City and from there was recruited to produce, mix and master for Forever Studios in Manhattan. Forever Studios is owned by Forever Fields who has been mixing engineer for Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and The Eagles, among others.

Yaro is the son of Nhorma Ortiz, a Musicologist and founder/producer of the Internationally renowned Festival del Tambor y Africania. His colorful upbringing has always included music: his youth stretched from Bogotá, Colombia and Mexico, to his late adolescence in rural America. After a year in Glasgow, UK, he now enjoys a professional career that straddles New York City and Los Angeles.

“I was raised in the Afro Colombian culture on the Pacific Coast of Colombia and I can remember as a kid being engulfed by drum sessions and live music. When we moved to Mexico, my mom enrolled me in music theory, Marimba, Conga, Flute and Guitar lessons. I remember being struck by how different the music was but comforted by the spirit it shared with my native music,” says Yaro.

Yaro’s experience with varied instruments is exemplified in his ability to play the Djembe and emulate other instrumentation in his productions.

By the time Yaro arrived in rural Iowa he was acutely aware of music’s power to affect culture and it’s ability to bridge gaps. “These guys worked in the corn fields all day listening to Tupac, Biggie, BonesThugs, Nas and Dr. Dre and knew the lyrics from front to back,” smiles Yaro. “It was a very profound time and I realized how culturally influential music really is.”

After graduating from the Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania where he played Division II basketball, and spending time in Europe, Yaro finally settled in New York City, committed to transforming music from his passion to his profession.

Grupo Niche, John Williams, Quincy Jones, NAS, Tego Calderon, Michael Jackson, and Hector Lavoe are among the artists that inspire Yaro and he has worked with many respected, underground urban artists including Billboard Top Ten group T-Weaponz, Alvare, Tragedy Khadafy, Inti (his brother and mentor), YG, Nardo Ranks and La Bruja.

“Music allows us all to express ourselves, release energy that otherwise can become cancerous, and I believe helps avoid depression and other mental and physical illness,” says Yaro. “I love the creative process and there are a specific artists like, M.I.A., Calle 13, El Gran Combo, Lil Wayne, and Akon that I am aiming to work with because I know it would be a good blend of styles.”

Apart from music, Yaro is a marathon enthusiast and recently completed the LA Marathon in 3:41 and is training to quality for the elite Boston Marathon.

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